’s a new horror flick coming, but it’s not just a brand new American horror flick. It’s a REMAKE of a JAPANESE ONE! This could be the beginning of a really cool trend.

Edward Burns [who is one of those guys who is too good to have A Sound of Thunder slithering underneath his bed] and Shannyn Sossamon [who is as sexy in real life as she is onscreen] star in One Missed Call, a flashy slice of scares about folks who start getting voice mails from their future selves providing information about impeding murders.


Also, if you squint at the poster it looks like Garry Shandling is checking his messages.

Wanna see it for free and early? I know you do, you little grifters.

The screening is in Atlanta only, and since Atlanta was where this was film it’s apt. Unfortunately Atlanta is the place where movies are made that suck a man’s teeth [aside from the Silva smashing lust of Sharky’s Machine and the mistakenly believed to be shot in New Zealand Lord of the Rings trilogy]. Let’s hope that One Missed Call ends the trend of bad Georgia movies and bad Asian remakes.

I don’t have any fancy rules. Just use the link below and include your mailing address. I have one request: If you win a ticket don’t be the comedian who pulls out his cell in the middle of the screening, trying to emulate the onscreen antics. It didn’t work during Irreversible and it ain’t working here.