, John Singleton is directing The A-Team movie. I know there are people out there who really like The A-Team, and while I don’t get that – even as a kid I found the show unbearably cheesy – I can accept it. The thing about the A-Team is that Singleton is such a perfect director for it – the concept is so mediocre and dull that only a truly mediocre and dull director could do it justice. I liked Four Brothers, but I sometimes think I liked it in spite of itself.

And I’ll tell you, if Singleton can bring some of that Four Brothers energy to the generic concept of The A-Team, maybe I’ll dig it. Of course the film is really all about casting, which is why the boring, predictable original show worked for so many people. If you can recapture that weird lack of chemistry the original four had (seriously – each of those characters is great on their own, but what the fuck do The Faceman and BA Baracus talk about when driving up and down California looking for towns being oppressed? They just never made sense to me as a unit), you could have a movie. Who will work well with Tyrese when he plays the Mr. T role?

Singleton has a scifi movie on his plate as well, Executive Order: Six, and I don’t know if there’s even a finished A-Team script. He could be signing on to direct this post-strike, when Hollywood rises from the rubble.