2007: The year that Chinese toymakers couldn’t do anything right*. First they’re poisoning children and probably ruining Christmas, then thanks to less than stringent security at Hasbro’s Chinese facility, they’re spoiling Iron Man, too.

Don’t read the next paragraph or click the link if you really want to know no more about the film than necessary. The spoiler is slight, but I can’t be responsible for anyone’s fanatic interest in protecting the film’s plot.

This link, which points to ‘the Ultimate Site for Marvel News’, shows off four carded action figures — the four suits of armor in the upcoming film. Or the toy version of each, at least. Most notable to some will be Iron Monger, while the slight spoiler revelation is actually the Mark02 armor, which is the bridge between Tony Stark’s first suit and the red and gold Mark03 version. I sorta dig the design as it is here, and I wonder how much we’ll actually see it in motion on the screen.

* As for the actual toys, these actually aren’t bad, and as disinterested as I am in almost any film-related toy, I kinda want all four of these for the office.