the last couple of weeks I’ve been talking with the folks at Warner Bros and G4 about doing something a little fun, and it’s coming to fruition tomorrow, live on television. G4 and CHUD will be premiering the trailer for 10,000 BC, with me presenting it live on Attack of the Show.

I’m pretty excited about it. I haven’t seen the trailer myself, but it features Camilla Belle as a cavebabe… I’ve had this dream*! I’ll have more info tomorrow, including when you can expect to see me on Attack of the Show (I’ll be on their BlogWatch segment, where I will calmly explain that CHUD is not a blog), and then we’ll have the trailer for you right here.

*Actually, last night I had a dream I was arrested for drunk & disorderly and was taken to see a trio of judges who presided behind a salad bar. While I was trying to give my ‘Please don’t send me to jail’ speech, a Korean family was running around taking pictures of the judges.