With My Bloody Valentine a gory success, Horror for the Holidays is cruising right along with our screening of Leprechaun happening tomorrow night, 3/14 at 7:30PM (buy tickets) at Theatres of Mall of America. Warwick Davis never looked as good as when he was caked in demon makeup and green lep garb. This 1993 film is truly the one that started it all – spawning nightmarish sequels, ghoulish sequels of sequels, and Jennifer Aniston’s career. That said, we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day the only way we know how:

  • Green beer available at Star Bar
  • A gold coin contest involving our equally exciting Trailer Trash event debuting in May
  • An evening with this enchantingly bugfuck movie:

I’m giving away two tickets for tomorrow’s event to a lucky chewer of my choosing. Simply e-mail me with the subject line “I Love Leprechaun” and include Warwick Davis’ actual height in the body of the e-mail. I’ll be informing the winner where to pick up their tickets tomorrow in the AM.

The film will be ushered in with four epic 35mm trailers that need to be seen to be believed. Come join us tomorrow night for beer, gore and more!