all the complaining I have been doing about Star Trek XI (you know: bad cast, stupid plot, directed by a guy who who is suited for 32 inch screens), I have to give the movie some credit. They’ve included Orion Slave Girls.

These green skinned babes appeared in original Star Trek episodes like The Cage and Whom the Gods Destroy, where they gave a whole generation of nerds a sexual fetish for body paint. To many people – like me – these scantily clad ladies embody the campy, fun and nutty element of the original series, a tone that was lost after the original crew retired. Having an Orion Slave Girl in the film is probably just a nod to a favored aspect of Star Trek mythology, but I am going to pretend like it’s a sign of where the film is headed tonally.

We know there are Orion Slave Girls, by the way, because JFX Online caught a picture of one on the set. They also caught what may be the first pictures of Chris Pine in costume as Captain Kirk, although he looks like he’s wearing some kind of leisure suit. I hope that’s not the redesigned Starfleet uniform.

To see these pictures, click here.