Growing up on films like Ghostbusters and devouring Spider-Man comic books perhaps skewed my vision of New York towards something more fantastical than reality. But NY has always been a place that storytellers and pop culture have gravitated towards. Be it the skyline for a landscape shot, the setting for a love story or a vast urban battleground for a third act climax, Manhattan lives up to the moniker “The City that never sleeps,” if only in our cinemas.

That’s what makes UK artist Chris Thornley’s (known as Raid71The Popular Face of New York exhibit at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn so necessary. The city’s become a page, a canvas for artists to lay down their work like few before it. There looks to be some beautiful pieces in this limited screenprint exhibit, running from March 15th through the 29th. I’ve arranged a few for you perusal below. The art work suggest Thornley’s leaving no popular culture stone unturned, the mash-up of Ghost and Ghostbusters being a personal favorite. Still, if you live in the area, you really owe it to yourself to make the rest of us jealous and check out the show proper:

Source: Slashfilm