in February I told you that Idiocracy was going to be the next great cult classic. Mike Judge’s film, which Fox didn’t fund to completion and then dumped into a handful of theaters, is a withering attack on the inanity of modern life. A completely average guy gets cryogenically frozen and awoken hundreds of years in the future, where he’s now the smartest man alive. The world, run by morons, is falling to shit – a famine is approaching because instead of water farmers spray their crops with Brawndo, The Thirst Mutilator ("It’s What Plants Crave!"), an energy drink.

Now Brawndo exists. In the real world. Someone at Fox has decided to take this film that they buried, that they shit on, and create marketing for it. Does this mean that the film is now officially a cult classic as I predicted or is this undercutting any possible cult status?

I’ll probably pick up some Brawndo, just for the fuck of it, but I am sure it’ll taste like shit. But the complete surreality of this cannot be discounted; I would understand Idiocracy shirts or even figures, things that would be marketed to the niche audience that knows this great film or is discovering it, but a mass market energy drink? It’s coming from the people who made the Cocaine drink, so I maybe that’s all I need to know.