Today Capcom released a whole bunch of new pics from Devil May Cry 4, the latest in the sword and gun slingin’ series. The picture above shows off Dante’s new weapon, Lucifer. That red rose between his teeth? No, he doesn’t think he’s fighting bulls, that’s part of his weapon.

When he throws the rose, Lucifer fires out swords that pierce enemies and explode.


Also new to the game is this character, Nero, who’s shown here fighting the the One Winged Dark Knight boss. The little white-haired dude is actually the main character you control in the game this time.

Nero’s supposed to end up at odds with Dante, although you’ll eventually control both characters. The new guy is supposed to have a different fighting style, with a sword that you can charge up for different attacks. His hand’s also been posessed by a demon or something and supposedly adds a new factor to the combo system, as you use it for "Devil Bringer" attacks.

As you can see, the game looks fantastic.

Coolest news of all is that you’ll soon be able to try it out for yourself. A playable demo of Devil May Cry 4 will be hitting both Xbox Live and the Playstation Network in early 2008, although there’s no set date just yet. It will consist of a few different sections from the game to show off Nero’s new abilities, and end with a boss fight.

Check the official site for more details, and check out the trailer below. Looks like this game’s gonna be a helluva lot of fun…. we’ll find out when it releases in February.