I’m not sure what I can do to break the string of Shutter Island articles featuring lame title metaphors, so I’m just going to stop thinking about it. The Scorsese/DiCaprio production has added its first high-profile female cast member: Michelle Williams will be heading to the remote New England locale as the wife of DiCaprio’s U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels.

She joins Sir Ben Kingsley, playing the chief physician at the Shutter Island prison/psychiatric hospital/outlet mall, and Mark Ruffalo, probably bringing his own shoulder holster to detail the role of DiCaprio’s new partner.

Though I’ve railed about the wife role before, I’m glad to see that Williams isn’t cast as the film’s escaped looney female killer. For one, there’s always the chance with Scorsese that the cop’s wife, a thankless role if ever there was one (just ask Carla Gugino) will become something more than stock scene filler. And more to the point, while I like Williams a lot, the nutjob killer doesn’t seem like her bag. I’m with Jeremy in thinking about Amy Adams there. Or maybe Allison Janney is available?