The Speed Racer trailer is online in a format that doesn’t really give you a good sense of the visuals. First the trailer, then my confession:

So here’s the problem I’m running in to: I don’t know what sort of stance to take on Speed Racer. I think the Wachowskis are trying to do something very cinematically progressive here; I think they’re pushing the envelope. But I also think the last Matrix movie removed all the benefit of the doubt from them. But I also think they may understand that people didn’t like the last two Matrix films, and they may understand why. But I also think a live action Speed Racer movie is plain retarded no matter what.

The problem for me is that while I think the Wachowskis are down, they’re not out. And while I think this concept is mong all the way, maybe a story and characters as stripped down as this are what the brothers need to push that visual envelope.

Of course this trailer is of no help for me in deciding if that’s the case – I can barely see half of what’s happening, and my experience is that not only is the CGI in trailers often poor, it looks even worse when shrunk down to this size on a computer monitor.

So I’m sitting out judgment on this one. It does look nuts, though.