The Pursuit of Happyness came to screens wearing a bulletproof vest. Instead of the bright yellow letters of law enforcement (FBI, POLICE, etc) it had that most deflective phrase scribed on the back in large letters: ‘based on a true story’. What kind of heartless dick would criticize such a touching, heartfelt tale? (Dicks like David Ansen, Joe Morgenstern and Devin Faraci, that’s what!)

Quelle surprise, then, that Will Smith would reunite with Happyness director Gabriele Muccino for another feelgood/bad go-around. Seven Pounds features Smith as a gent with a lust for his own death who falls in love before he can pull his trigger.

Now Rosario Dawson and Woody Harrelson are nearly locked for their own parts in the film. Dawson would be the love interest with a weak ticker; Harrelson the motel clerk who kills the suidical Smith and uses him for schwarma probably befriends Smith and helps him see a reason to live. (Or two, likely under an article of Rosario’s clothing.)

If things go according to plan, Seven Pounds will shoot in February so that you can want to top yourself while watching it this time next year.