We’re less than a month away from the premiere of Mad Men Season 6 with its two-hour debut airing April 7th. The below featurette doesn’t provide much in the way of plot, but just look at Harry Crane’s outfit. It’s so loud. The finale last season took place between March and April of 1967. If I ventured a guess, I’d say we’re already in ’68 when me again meet up with Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (if it’s even called that anymore). This is a year of political and social turmoil in American history, but also one of significant achievement.

Some notable events:

  • Apollo 8 orbits the moon.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King is assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • The 10,000th US Aircraft is fired down in Vietnam.
  • The Beatles release¬†Hey Jude.¬†
  • Robert Kennedy is shot dead at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

Expect this year of revolt to hang over Don and his ever-evolving surroundings. As with every year, AMC has released new promosional art with no shortage of tidbits to speculate:



Here we see Don moving in two different directions. Interestingly, it’s the professional Don that’s walking away from us. Don was just getting his swagger back at season’s end, what with his setting Dow Chemical in his sights. Also of note is Black Suit Don holding a woman’s hand, a woman wearing white. This is likely Megan, Draper’s second wife. Though it’s interesting to see how distracted this Don looks, almost wishing he could follow after Professional Don – each seemingly taking notice of the other. Finally, those policeman in the back look ready for a fight; what with one even holding a mean looking club. This is the season where civil rights finally comes to a head, and you can fully expect that to be reflected on the show.

Want now.