url-6WETA cutting together a reel is kind of like, I dunno, Angelina Jolie cutting together a reel. Who would ever need to see such a thing to make a decision? There’s a level of success that you cross that make such a promotional tool moot, and WETA crossed it pretty much immediately. Still, this isn’t your daddy’s showreel, with no need for the usual compositing breakdown and buildups. I point to an appropriate Batman Begins quote here:

“Am I supposed to understand any of that?”
“Not at all- I just wanted to you know how hard it was.”

I hate that quote (OF COURSE Batman would understand all of that), but it’s relevant here, as most FX companies bend over backwards to show you just how much they did to each image. WETA’s images speak for themselves, and the glimpses of their miniature work, sculpting, molding, weapon/vehicle design and all the rest illuminate how versatile the company is, and how many beautiful, epic images they’ve provided for movie fans over the last decade and a half. That said, whoever cut this gets a paddlin’ for failing to include any of Kong’s facial work and no Rise Of The Planet of The Apes!

Definitely check it out.