adults only trailer for Funny Games – Michael Haneke’s apparently shot for shot remake of his own 1997 film – has popped up online. And over the last couple of days the new poster for the movie, which you see to the right of this, also showed up. The poster is terrific, and is beautiful and disturbing all at once. The trailer is okay, and feels pretty spoilery to me – plus it has a dead dog in it, which is going to piss Nick Nunziata off.

I have not seen the original Funny Games yet, which probably marks me as a philistine. I am holding off on it because I’ll be seeing the remake at Sundance and if it is shot for shot, I imagine I’ll be pretty damned bored sitting through what is essentially the same movie twice. Also, I am assuming the vast majority of my readers have not seen the original either, so reviewing it from that point of view may be my duty.

Funny Games is getting released in February. Click here if you’re 17 or older and want to see some wanton cruelty visited upon Naomi Watts and Tim Roth by Michael Pitt.