Devin’s been going on about how great the Wright Stuff mini-festival is, and with good reason. Edgar Wright has put together a fantastic collection of films to show at the New Beverly theater over a couple weeks. If I could, I’d be there for every single night.

Devin recently wrote about his experience seeing The Phantom of the Paradise, highlighting the appearance of Paul Williams who was on hand to discuss his work on Phantom, Bugsy and (to a lesser degree) Ishtar. Now you can hear the Q&A, and hopefully all the future Q&A’s for the series, thanks to Metroblogging LA. A few folks at the blogging site have struck a deal with Edgar and the New Bev to record and podcast all the discussions, making this as close to official Wright Stuff merch as you’re going to get.

Check Metroblogging LA for the Paul Williams episode, and check back every few days for future audio recordings.