url-4Oz The Great & Powerful didn’t even make it to midnight screening before Disney finally let it slip that they have a sequel in the works- one that is likely to be fast-tracked with $150m already in the worldwide bank after a single weekend. Apparently Disney is going to need to scramble for a new director though, and perhaps we’ll have the pleasure of covering rumors about Raimi’s next project for a few months, as he’s stated that he’s not interested in directing a second film.

Or perhaps he’s not interested in directing the second film for the same fee…

I haven’t planned on directing the sequel. I did leave some loose ends for another director if they want to make the picture. I tried to make it a complete ending, so that the audience would be fulfilled, but I also let Evenora and Theodora get away.

I was attracted to this story but I don’t think the second one would have the thing I would need to get me interested.

That is all more than vague enough that he can sign on to a sequel for the right price and explain it away with, “Well James and I talked about it and we struck up on an idea of some things Oz might struggle with as a ruler, what sort of story could be told with these witches still flying around.”

So is Raimi legitimately moving on, or simply making it clear to Disney that they’re going to have make it worth his while to follow the yellow brick road any farther?

Frankly, I’m inclined towards the latter considering some other comments he’s made recently. The director has stated a few times that he felt vaguely uncomfortable about seeing the new Spider-Man reboot, comparing it to an ex’s wedding. He recently drummed up the courage though, and I wish he would have stuck to his, “I’m not seeing it” line rather than being the diplomat.

“It was very hard for me to see the new Spider-Man movie, I felt so attached to it, I couldn’t see Spider-Man with another director; it’s like my love, and I didn’t want to walk in on my love with someone else. It was just like that. Then I got over myself last week and said, ‘just see the damn thing’. And I did, and I loved it. I actually felt free. I thought, ‘why am I carrying around this baggage?’ Of course the next Spider-Man story should be told, and [Marc Webb] did a wonderful job telling that. I loved the movie, and I’m looking forward like a fan to the next instalment. I love the comic book, and now I don’t feel bound, and I’m really glad somebody’s remaking it again.”

Sure thing, Mr. Raimi.


Source | Coming Soon, Bleeding Cool (via Indiewire)