There’s some kind of respect you have to have for a film called Big Ass Spider- it’s all there in the url-3title. All the film’s hopes, dreams and ambitions are right out front, like a mic drop before the movie even starts. Critical insulation perhaps?

Still, a movie called Big Ass Spider does have at least one job to do, and this clip from AICN suggests it takes lots of pride in doing at least that job well. If you haven’t seen the trailer, then check that out above. It’s unlikely I’m going to catch Big Ass Spider here at SXSW for pure scheduling reasons, but there’s no doubt the film will have a packed crowd and there will be plenty of tweets and such to let you know what folks think. Considering this feels like a film engineered precisely to screen for large, roving groups of horror geeks, that’s likely the best barometer anyway.