Getting new Iron Man
details feels like waiting for your tax return to arrive. There are
perfectly legit reasons for keeping a lot of the film’s details under
wraps — I really don’t want to know the whole movie before I sit down
in front of it — but in the meantime we’re being fed one fairly
similar looking image after another.

Latest in the batch is this Coming Soon exclusive, which gives us a
great waist-up look at the film’s primary suit of armor. What I love
about this pic is that it’s truly difficult to tell if it’s CGI or
real. The armor looks slightly plastic, yes, but it also looks like
it’s really there on a classic pipes and concrete industrial set. So
while it’s the same Iron Man shot on some levels, there’s arguably a
new level of detail here we haven’t seen before.

I want more. Get over to Coming Soon to see the embiggened version.