Entertainment Tonight, an oasis in the television landscape for true hardcore cineastes, has scored the first behind the scenes footage from Speed Racer showing Matthew ‘Foxy’ Fox in his full Racer X costume. Unsurprisingly, Racer X looks like he just escaped from an S&M dungeon in The Castro; the Wachowskis are bringing their personal touch to this film for sure. Surprisingly, Racer X is seen telling a guy ‘All I was doing was saving your ass’ – with ET bleeping the word ‘ass.’ If a TV show can’t say ‘ass’ how the hell can a film that the creators claim will be G-rated get away with it? Also, Matthew ‘I actually look like I’m on the verge of tears all the time in the real world’ Fox is seen shooting his scenes on a stage, despite Emil Hirsch telling journalists a few weeks back that the whole movie was being shot against green screens.

Jesus Christ, people, we’ve been the victims of a massive and perfectly executed misinformation campaign. We’re through the looking glass here.

The footage from ET is embedded just below these words. Check out Racer X’s gimp suit: