Hype! has the official The Dark Knight teaser poster, and it’s a pretty interesting design. Not something I’d want to hang on my wall, exactly, but it’s certainly different. I wonder if people who don’t know the film features The Joker will exactly get what it is that they’re looking at. And is that Bat symbol written in blood? Either way, it looks like the Joker has another fiendish plot to defile Gotham City’s newly white washed walls. The bastard!

There’s been a bunch of Dark Knight viral updates in recent weeks, and they seem to be pointing to the release of a trailer in the very near future – Christmas or New Years? The good people at Warner Bros have certainly found themselves a marketing gimmick that works – I saw people at the Wright Stuff film festival clutching copies of the fake Gotham newspaper that’s been circulating, and every day I get another email ‘scoop’ from someone who has gleaned some new piece of info from the viral sites. Personally this shit leaves me cold – will Gotham’s cabs play a big enough role in the movie to warrant their own site? – but there’s a contingent out there eating it all up.