I darted into a preview of the Game Of Thrones Mondo Gallery today, and wanted to share some of the best of what I saw. You can find out all about Mondo’s arrangement with HBO here, as well as details on how some of these screenprints are going to be released.

For my part, I really enjoyed the gallery, even if none of the screenprints screamed that they need to be on my wall. Some of the best pieces are more traditional, historical-style portraiture of various characters, and I really wish there was more of that considering how well the material lends itself to such images. Alas, those are the leas translatable to screenprints, so those would end up being be the prohibitively expensive pieces anyway. That’s what happens when true fine art merges with your pop cultural infatuations.

I’m sure other sites will have more exhaustive looks at the gallery (I was dodging and working between people chatting with beer in their hands) but these are the ones that I couldn’t leave without sharing with you. I hope you enjoy!



IMG_3725 IMG_3727




This is the original drawn map that Jock created to be integrated into his screenprint for the gallery, which debuted at EW. The full piece is below, and is one of the ones that will be available online (in some limited quantity, of course).




This is one of my absolute favorites, and though it’s a digital print, it really has the  look of renaissance portraiture, complete with the allegorical little details. I don’t possess the art history vernacular to even try and add context to this one, but I love it.




This is one of the most gorgeously detailed and intricate pieces in the gallery, and it’s a stunning thing to look at. Definitely one of those images you could stare at for hours and hours, just marveling at the granular craftsmanship.



This might be the piece of the gallery- it was clearly among the most popular with all of the people I spoke to. Beautiful and vivid and just plain cool.



If not Daenerys, then this portrait of Samuel is probably my favorite piece of the show. Definitely the most evocative work I ran across in the gallery.





Apologies for the shit quality of the picture (there was no way around the glare), but this was a really nice print as well- lots of hidden detail.



Wow, that price tag… A pretty piece, but Struzan this ain’t.



This is beautiful woodcutting-style piece that, like the “Bran Stark” image above, sucks you in with the level of intricacy. Fortunately this has also been turned into a beautiful screenprint you’ll soon see and be able to go after online.



Drake is a very hit or miss artist for me, but this is definitely a hit. It’s also a guache original, so it was amazing seeing the detailed strokes of an actual painting, rather than the stark sharpness of a screenprint. If you’re a Drake fan, definitely seek out some detail shots on this one. (I saw no indication that it would end up as a screenprint).

Again, there are more exhaustive looks at the gallery, taken when it was empty of beer-chugging Thrones fans. If you want to get even better looks at some of this stuff or catch watch I miss, I would point towards, say, this Wired piece as a good one.



Beer! Sorry guys, I don’t really drink, so no thoughts on the brews. That said, my pal mentioned that it is delicious.


^ Sam Eidson, star of Zero Charisma, with Kirk Johnson, an Austin actor/director/gentleman