have no idea what four years of co-starring on NBC’s inexplicably long-running Las Vegas has done for Molly Sims’s acting chops; all I know is, the wear-and-tear of a soon-to-be-syndicated network drama has not had a deleterious effect on her looks. So while I could employ some knee-jerk snark and assume Sims was cast as window dressing in Jim Carrey’s Yes Man and Steve Martin’s The Pink Panther Why?, I think I’ll be nice and leave open the possibility that Ms. Sims might have more to offer than what you see to your right.

The real scorn should be directed at Steve Martin, who seems to have given up on doing anything good ever again. What’s particularly sad (if sadly inevitable) is that Martin elected to reprise his role as Inspector Jacques Clouseau in The Pink Panther 2, while the enormously untalented director of that uncalled-for remake, Shawn Levy (he’s also responsible for Cheaper by the Dozen), is now too big-time to direct Steve Martin movies (the sequel will be helmed by Agent Cody Banks Harald Zwart). We’ve been lamenting Martin’s fall for years now, but the reality of it is still crushingly depressing. Has anyone attempted an intervention?

Jim Carrey is another matter. While he’s at least done some very good work over the last five years (most notably Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), he’s recently squandered his critical and commercial goodwill on misfires like Fun with Dick & Jane and The Number 23. So the fact that he’s working with the underrated Peyton Reed on Yes Man indicates that this project – about a guy who decides to say "yes" to everything asked of him – could have some comeback potential (even though it sounds like a lazy riff on Liar Liar).

In case you’re wondering, Sims will play Carrey’s ex-wife in Yes Man. I don’t care what she’s doing in The Pink Panther 2.