url-5Alan Rickman made his directorial debut with The Winter Guest in the late 90s. It was well-regarded, but the Die Hard and Harry Potter star hasn’t been able to get a project rolling between his trips to Hogwarts anytime in the last 15 years. That all changes this april though, when he starts rolling on  A Little Chaos, which will be quite the behind-the-camera comeback.

The film revolves around a pair of “rival landscape gardeners who are competing to design a fountain at Versailles for Louis XIV.”

And yes, that does make this an extremely esoteric 17th or 18th century period romance- they’re not designing a tribute fountain in modern times or something. The film will star Rickman himself, along with Kate Winslet and Matthais Shoenaerts (the awesome Bullhead guy, who is in the process of blowing up) as said lovers.

The film’s been picked up by Lionsgate UK already, so it looks like this is truly, finally coming together for Rickman. Hopefully we’ll hear word of a Stateside distributor grabbing some rights on this one once it’s shot and shopping around.


Source | Deadline