What else was he going to do, I guess.


Artillery-enhanced breasts are an image Lady Gaga has toyed with for some time, but leave it to Robert Rodriguez to bring it to the big screen. The man’s got some weird combat-prosthetic fetishes that, to be fair, all started with a cock pistol that almost appeared in Desperado, but finally found use in From Dusk Till Dawn. Following that with the leg rifle in Planet Terror, it became inevitable that we’d see exactly what’s on that poster eventually.

Sofia Vergara is part of the award-winning cast of Modern Family (a show that’s made me laugh every time I’ve watched an episode, yet I still haven’t given it a proper watch-through), and her sense of humor and confidence runs deep. I’ll grant that if anyone can own machine gun tits, it’s her.

In other news, we’re starting to see material from Machete Kills! The first one was kind of weak-sauce, but I’ve already forgotten about it too thoroughly for it to even color my interest in a a sequel. If I hear Danny Trejo actually gets a proper amount of screentime and more definitely drives his own film, then I’ll be ready to see this.

How about you?

Source | EW, Dread Central  (via JoBlo)