url-3The director of Babel and Biutiful, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu has largely been an architect of onscreen tragedy and heavy drama in his feature career, so it makes sense that a comedy from him would be a dark one. Another B-titled effort, Birdman is a dark comedy that has Michael Keaton playing a washed up actor looking for a boost by directing a theatrical production.

The film has been set with Keaton in the lead for a few months, with Zach Galafianakis set as a antagonistic producer, Emma Stone set as his assisting daughter straight out of rehab, and Naomi Watts as one of the cast members. There’s a meta flair to the whole url-2thing as Keaton’s character is actually a washed up actor known for playing a massively popular superhero, and the latest cast addition, Edward Norton, will play an character who is combative, controlling, and impossible to direct. Pitting Burton’s Batman against the guy known for undermining directors and re-editing his performances is definitely a stroke of mild genius in this case.

The film is set to start shooting in April, so we’ll be keeping our ears out for more news this summer.


Source | Empire