Back when UPN and The WB joined forces to make The Next Big Network
That Nobody Watches (or The CW, as the kids call it), a few shows got the axe before they ever saw the light of day.  One was Tanner Hall, originally set to air on UPN and then be subsequently cancelled, because, well, that’s what UPN did.

Now the show, a "coming of age story set in a boarding school," has been retooled by writers Tatiana von Furstenburg and Francesca Gregorini for development as a feature starring Chris Kattan, Amy Sedaris and Tom Everett Scott.

It’s slated to be directed by the two writers, both famous daughters. von Furstenburg is the daughter of fashion designer Diane von Furstenburg and Gregorino
the daughter of Barabara Bach and step-daughter of Ringo Starr. They’ll base the story of "four teenage girls [who] navigate adolescence" around their own experiences in boarding school.

Given the pedigree of those involved, including producer Julie Snyder, it will probably end up as a middle-of-the-road affair where people learn lessons, friendships grow strong and kids become adults while adults become even better adults than they were before. You know, just like every other mediocre movie in the BFF Sub-Genre.  No distribution announcement yet, but don’t be surprised if this thing goes incredibly wide what with the strike* keeping good movies from being made.

* – Is Dave Davis a member of the WGA?  This concept is just begging
for a pass through his word processor.