3_6_chastainAnytime an actor achieves critical acclaim, it would now seem a franchise lies safely in their future. This is potentially true for Jessica Chastain. Fresh off a powerhouse performance in Zero Dark Thirty, the performer’s now rumored to be the frontrunner for the role of Jane in David Yates’ Tarzan. Adapted from the popular Edgar Rice Burroughs series of books, Warner Brothers is angling the film for big things. The WB was quick to include the adaptation on a list of films to be presented under the heralded IMAX format in a deal recently signed with that company.

This feels right. If Yates wants to move the character away from arm candy status to something more meaningful, an actor of Chastain’s caliber seems a keen choice. The titular character hasn’t faired well in the years since Disney’s semi-successful adaptation, seeing a slew of embarrassing film and television offerings. The rigors of being a character in the public domain, folks.

If Jane is indeed about to be cast, speculation moves solely to a main character that Yates is hopefully wise enough to cast against type. The character of Tarzan seems ripe for re-imagining. Casting a tall, strong-jawed muscleman like a Chris Hemsworth feels like a lost opportunity. Hopefully Yates and co. work to bring something new and dynamic to the jungle. Jessica Chastain would be a good start.

Source: New York Post