Here’s something to get you excited on a Monday: a script by unknown writers is set to be made by an unknown director, produced by the guys that made a film everyone hated vehemently: Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

The script is Hurt, in which a group of friends are reunited after the suicide of one former pal. Serious bloodletting ensues; the reunion was only organized as some sort of revenge play. It’s a lot like my family’s infamous reunion of 1988, though that just involved a Sunday barrage of piss-filled water balloons after Saturday’s grilling of Food Lion chicken and the inevitable salmonella outbreak that followed.

The writers are Anthony Grieco and Jeff Drongowski; the director is American Film Institute grad Adam Finberg. Since David Lynch and Eraserhead came out of the AFI I still get a little twinge of interest when I see an AFI grad behind a project, though I know it carries no more weight than does Earl Dittman’s endorsement of New York Minute. (Dave Davis’ endorsement is another matter.)

Trancas International Films (Halloween), Left Hook Entertainment and Yellowsand Pictures are combining forces to make the picture, like a Singapore knock-off of Voltron that’ll break a week after you open the box. Trades mention that the script was one of the last pre-strike sales, but doesn’t say whether or not the go code will be given during the strike. First-time writers and directors? Don’t bet on it.