Know what the best game this year still is for me? Bioshock. Read Russ’ review if you haven’t and all will be explained. Sure, the Orange Box is an incredible set, Mario Galaxy is pure platforming goodness and Rock Band is the best goddamn party game ever made, but nothing immerses you in its world like Bioshock. Nothing.

Even with the experience, lots of whiny gamers bitched about trivial matters like the widescreen ratio, but there were a few bugs that affected people, PC gamers most of all.

But you know what? I ran into a game-killing bug near the end while playing through it and had to backtrack about 10 hours. It pissed me off to no end. Any other game I wouldn’t thrown aside and never looked at it again, but for this one I went back at it and found even more things I’d missed on the first go-through. A few bugs do not kill a great game, but it’s nice to see the developers looking to fix what went wrong. We got a few updates to fix things Xbox side, but now this week PC gamers are getting a patch.

The more exciting news about this new update is that it’s also giving you new, free, downloadable content!
gamers will get the new content bundled with the patch, while Xbox
gamers will get it as a title update if they turn the game on.

While the word’s still out on what will be included in this pack, lead designer Ken Levine has mentioned in the past that he’s not interested in expanding the game with new levels, since it wouldn’t make sense to the story. But he’s said that there are lots of plasmids that weren’t included….

For anyone looking to play through it again on Hard, here’s your incentive. You can even take a shot at that new 100 point achievement (don’t die once while playing through on Hard) if you’ve got the stones. Good luck, and welcome back to Rapture.