’s feeling a bit rumory on the internet these days. The latest to come down the pike arrives thanks to MarketSaw – a blog I never heard of before this week when they broke a picture of an Avatar alien apparently legit enough to force Fox lawyers to send out cease and desist letters – who claims that Peter Jackson is indeed coming back to New Line to film The Hobbit, and he’s doing it as a duology. But wait, there’s more! MarketSaw also claims that he’ll be making the movies in 3D, and converting the Lord of the Rings films into 3D for rerelease around 2012.

MarketSaw says that this info comes to them from the same guy who leaked the Avatar alien, so they feel pretty confident about its veracity. I’m personally a touch torn since there’s nothing actually new in this report – we’ve heard before about The Hobbit being done as a two-parter with elements from Tolkein mythology mixed in to pad it out and connect it to the characters from the trilogy, and Jackson has been one of the big cheerleaders for 3D movies. And there’s always speculation about Jackson and New Line making up and getting this film done. It’s also important to keep in mind that just because all the info is stuff we’ve heard before doesn’t mean it’s fake – it could just be that all the stuff we’ve heard before was on the money.

I do hope that somebody announces something about The Hobbit sooner rather than later, and not because I want to see a film made (I could go either way with this one), but just because these rumors will never stop coming until the truth is revealed. And since it seems unlikely to me that The Hobbit will never be made – the Lord of the Rings just made too much money for anyone to ever write this film off -, I will be forced to keep writing about this endless rumors.