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Well, the latest, greatest Iron Man 3 trailer has completely let the “Iron Legion” cat out of the bag. We caught wind of this back in September, and now it’s all out there as Tony Stark calls in “his boys” for backup at what appears to be the climax of the new movie (which takes place on and around shipyard cranes- perhaps the most screamingly 80s/90s action movie climax location possible), or at least the big dustup before Tony must face The Mandarin one and for all.

So what suits will you be seeing? Well, apparently a ton, and most of them taken from the comics and featuring very distinct features designed to accomplish a few things. The gentleman over at Screenrant have done a great job of collecting the suits that are out there into a slideshow with descriptions, and I’m not going to C&P all their fine work over here. So check out a few of my personal favorite new suits, and be sure to visit their full gallery for the complete low-down.


We’ll start off with what appears to be a Hulkbuster armor prototype, glimpsed as the final image in the trailer. Though it’s apparently called the “Brute Armor” for the time being, there’s no way we won’t see this thing tangle with the Hulk one day…


Designed to ensure Pepper can defend herself or escape in the event of a disaster, there should be more than enough opportunities for Ms. Potts to don some iron and get to crackin’. Besides, it would be nice for the this army of suits to not be such a sausage fest, no? The ladies are perfectly capable of blasting apart bad guys.


This is the new Mark XLVII suit that we’ve seen in the trailers, and it’s the first suit to exploit Tony’s new neural Extremis powers, aka the first remote mind-control suit.


When/if we see this guy show up, shit should be really serious, as this is an over-powered suit designed to do serious blasting.


Like so many superhero surprises, it was a toy that acted as the harbinger of this suit’s existence.


You’re not going to hear the spoiler outright from me, but there’s a strong chance you’ll be seeing the return of this guy during a particularly apt sequence in the film…


What looks to be one of the film’s many subtle nods to the now-expanded Marvel Universe, this is an Asguardian-Buster suit designed to handle any further threats from Thor’s home planet, if not the demi-god himself…

While those are my favorites, there’s something like a dozen new potential additions to the roster (and some extra details on these guys above) at the ScreenRant gallery. Check it out.