It’s just a Justice League Friday. First the (rather
dubious) Batman casting news, and now Quint at AICN is reporting that he can
corroborate an Australian magazine’s claim (and long-standing rumor) that Aussie model Megan Gale will be
George Miller’s Wonder Woman. Was it this photo that sold him, with the subtle
Mad Max aesthetic?

I really have nothing to say about this. She’s a model.
She looks great for the part. Dark hair, long legs; if her MySpace page had a photo where she’d
dressed up as Wonder Woman for Halloween, I’d probably think she looked natural.
In that respect, she’s one of the decisions made in populating this flick so far. But
hey, since the casting for this one has skewed younger and younger, I half
expected to see a photo of DNA with boots and a lasso as Miller’s choice.

A few sites have made the point that Gale isn’t the ‘cleanest’ candidate, from an American perspective, because at least two of the top ten
Google Image results of the model are nudes. Note to the skeptics: it’s not a G-rated film, and if you can’t keep your kids from seeing naked women on the internet, then I guarantee the damage has already been done, and in far greater measure than this.

One more reason I don’t have kids:
no worries about them scanning nekkid pics of their new film heroines
online during the afterglow. I get to do so in peace, if I want.