Update: I’ve added a few quick snapshots below.

The writer of Lethal Weapon is directing an Iron Man movie:”Hey, that’s sounds like it could be alright, man.”

Shane Black, director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, is reuniting with star Robert Downey Jr. since they last collaborated and each delivered their finest work: “Wait, what? Yes. Fucking yes.”

May 5th 2013, folks.


A couple quick things I noticed in the trailer that are perhaps worth continued discussion. First, this shot would seem to confirm the rumor Renn’s long floated regarding Tony’s new ability to control multiple suits of armor at one time. A badass shot, indeed:


Second, this next image suspiciously resembles Hulkbuster armor which, if you aren’t familiar, is armor crafted for the specific purpose of fighting Hulk.* Tony has employed Hulkbuster armor on many occasion throughout the years in the comics. I’m not suggesting that it’ll be used for that purpose here, but it certainly paints some unique possibilities for the future of Marvel’s franchises, even without the promise of World War Hulk. If this ain’t Hulkbuster MK 1, it’s certainly laying some groundwork nonetheless:


*Extremis (Iron Man) and Winter Soldier (Captain America) are relatively recent arcs. Now that Abomination’s out of the way, I’m left wondering if there aren’t some Hulks of the non-green variety in Marvel’s filmic future.