Space is hot y’all!

Just this year we’ve got Oblivion and Ender’s Game and After Earth and Gravity and Star Trek Into Darkness with some component of outer space action involved, and that trend doesn’t appear to be cooling off (it’s been brewing awhile). It’s an easy transition from the Alien Invasion trend of your Battle LA‘s and Battleships, bridged by your Prometheuses and Apollo 18s and Lockouts!

url-8In any event, Fox has set up a new space film, this one a (contained) action-thriller, which means a lowerish budget than your typical tentpole space movie. Titled Artemis, it’s set to be scripted by new pen Andrew Lobel.

Interestingly this is yet another project that VFX meastro Tim Miller has found himself attached to. You’ve seen Miller’s work in commercials, music videos, and movies through the output of his Blur Studios, perhaps most famous for their work with David Fincher. He oversaw (co-directed, if you like?) the opening credits of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo with Fincher, which I’ve dug into before (very bottom). He’s also been attached to Fox’s Deadpool film in lieu of Robert Rodriguez, and he’s one of the guys behind the Fincher-backed The Goon film for which they Kickstarted new demo reel money last year.

It would seem that this is likely to hit production well before any of those other projects, so we’ll finally get to see how Mr. Miller’s chops hold up when writ large. I have a feeling the result will be quite exceptional.

Source | Variety