UPDATE: Trekmovie.com did the legwork and found out that Starburst had no clue what the hell it was talking about – George Takei is not in the movie, and there is no role for Old Sulu in the script, which cannot be changed at this point. Still, enjoy the clip from the Shatner Roast.

George Takei has told Starburst Magazine that he is filming a cameo in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek prequelboot, appearing in a ‘flash forward scene’ with old Spock. The magazine doesn’t say if he’s playing the Sulu we know or a descendant of Sulu or some other random Asian dude, but feel free to speculate away.

Of course this comes on the heels of William Shatner’s latest outburst about not being asked to be in the movie. Anybody else suspect the diva tantrums of The Shat will be be much better than the film itself? The thing about having Takei in the film is that it really comes across as a slap in the face to Shatner, since George and Bill are famously not friends (although they supposedly made up a couple of years ago. Takei appeared on the William Shatner Roast where he was just incredible. Scroll down to the bottom of this article to see the glory).

Does this mean that we might be seeing cameos by all the surviving crew members? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out… but will we? Star Trek XI is the new target of the striking writers, apparently, and their plan is to disrupt filming by any means necessary. Set phasers to kill, Mr. Abrams!