I feel like I was on another episode of Attack of the Show after August, but maybe not. If I was, I forgot to embed it here. Oh well, what a loss to humanity.

Today I went down to the G4 studios in Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile and talked about some of the big nerd movies of 2009. Here’s the arresting video:


Two days in a row! AOTS had me on another day, this time to talk about Warner Bros rebooting the Superman franchise. Shockingly, I shit talk Superman Returns on air.


A heads up to those who care – I’ll be on Attack of the Show again today, talking about Aaron Sorkin’s Facebook: The Motion Picture. I’ll be defending my position that hey, this might not be a terrible movie and stop whining about social networking sites.

I’ll also be on tomorrow, talking about the Superman reboot! Exciting.

Here’s the video:


I got a last minute email today asking me to pop into G4’s studios to talk about The Dark Knight, and since I love nothing more than being mortified by my own appearance on television, I agreed. And so you have the video below, where I cover some of the ground that I wrote about last week in my latest Devin’s Advocate, and where I find that maybe I’m not the only guy who thinks too much of a good thing is still too much.


Those fools at G4 keep having me back. Here’s the video from my latest appearance on Attack of the Show; this time I was talking about my disappointment with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It’s worth noting that I wasn’t disappointed with Shia LaBeouf, though, who was on Attack of the Show the day before and namedropped CHUD. We love you, Shia!


Yes, this update means that I will once again be terrorizing people who watch third tier cable TV. Look for me on the Loop Week in Review tonight on Attack of the Show, where I’ll be discussing the reshoots on Where the Wild Things Are, the PS3 as a Blu Ray platform and Olivia Munn’s tuchus. I’ll link the video here when it shows up on the G4 site next week.


Did you miss me on G4’s Attack of the Show last week? Now you can watch my segment through the miracle elixir called Flash. The video is below, and I think you’ll agree that this time I look like I have eaten all of my previous co-Looper before coming on television. The camera adds ten pounds, but where did the other 300 come from?

I think I’m going to just use this article to keep track of my appearances on Attack of the Show on the G4 channel. Today will see me once again sitting in front of a projection of Los Angeles, being one of three talking heads in the program’s Week in Review wrap up. This time I make cutting edge jokes about Tae Bo and Running Man. No one can say my finger isn’t on the pop culture pulse!

I may be on the show again very soon. Nothing is set in stone, but I should know in a couple of days. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for me on today’s Attack of the Show. I am a little bummed about this appearance as they have me with two attractive women; I liked it better last time when I was with some sloppy old dude and the nerd who wrote the Chuck Norris fact book. Here’s a fact: Chuck Norris has a high powered team of lawyers and he’s suing your ass into dust, kid!

My latest appearance is now embedded below – it’s the first video. And for the record, Blair Butler is an exceptionally charming, funny and hot young woman. We met briefly at the end of a long, long day for her and I don’t want anyone thinking that she’s some kind of asshole in real life. I’m some kind of asshole in real life, Butler’s a champ. And nobody’s making me say that – I just want to make sure there’s no misunderstanding.

Last night I headed down to the Miracle Mile to tape my fifth appearance on G4’s Attack of the Show*. Once again I’m on The Loop Week in Review, a segment that sees my giant fat head floating in front of a green screen commenting on news stories from the past week, along with two other contributors. This time we talk about Beowulf and the future of 3D films, broken Rock Band guitars and Google’s new commitment to alternative energy research. They were going to have a bit about people who play live action Quidditch but the show ran long and they cut it before I could make my ‘Queerditch’ joke (this is the kind of sophisticated comedy I bring to third tier basic cable, people!). Tune in to Attack of the Show at 7pm Eastern to bask in the glory that is me.

And to get you ready for my appearance, here is the video from my previous spots on Attack of the Show, minus my first time with them at Comic Con where I fucking DECIMATED some dude from Entertainment Weekly on the topic of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie. That video seems to be gone.

*Attack of the Show secrets revealed: Even though the show is live four days a week, they tape the Friday show on Thursday! Host Kevin Pereira is a very cool guy with a great dark sense of humor. Blair Butler, who I think is hosting the show tonight (although I did see Olivia Munn there as well), looked at me like I was getting facefucked by Belial when she met me.