thinking for a few minutes about George Miller’s potential Batman, I’m actually
relieved to turn to new job as marketing assistant by proxy for the Ford Motor Company. See, there’s a new Knight Rider pilot in the works, and KITT 2008 has
been revealed! Yeah, hooray. It’s a five trillion horsepower Shelby Mustang
GTXV2000HKTVONTR or something, and since Jalopnik is one of those sites that
brands images with large embedded watermark logos, I’m not even going to run
one. You can look at the thing over there if you need to.

isn’t the first time that Pontiac has lost out to Ford in a Knight Rider
casting battle; Team Knight Rider, a show I’d never heard of until five minutes
ago, used a fleet of Fords in 1997. No, I don’t care, either.

The new pilot features Justin Bruenin as Michael Knight’s son Mike Tracer. I’m assuming the name difference is because he didn’t know he was Knight’s son, not because he’s a son by another dad. Here’s the plot, according to Coming Soon: Tracer is recruited by his childhood best friend, Sarah Graiman (Deanna
Russo), and her eccentric physicist father, Charles (Bruce Davison), to
join the Knight Foundation, a group committed to counteracting and
preventing the damage done by private, covert military contractors.

Michael Knight, er, Tracer versus Blackwater? No, that’s still not very interesting.