if George Miller is thinking Superman or Batman for the young Mr. Brody, then
this project is fucked beyond belief."

Sometimes, we don’t even know how wrong we can be. Quote above is what Jeremy had to say a month and a half ago about the casting of
George Miller’s upcoming Justice League, and at the time I
was in total agreement. But now that IESB is rumoring/reporting that unknown
21-year old Armie Hammer will be Batman, I’m thinking I’d like to take a page
from classic Justice League stories and use a time machine to swing back and
change some shit around. Like, can we have Brody as Batman? Please?

on to Armie Hammer. Batman on Film skeptically reported on Nov 16th
that he was WB’s choice for the cape and cowl, and now IESB claims to have
confirmed the casting. We knew Miller and the studio were skewing young, but
this is absurd. Though it does finally give me reason to stop sitting on my own
scoop about the film, that Teresa Palmer has been replaced by Elle Fanning as Talia. The IMDB tells me that Hammer has a younger brother, too. Great. Maybe he can play Alfred.

at least has the stature for Bats. He’s 6’5”, which would really tip the scales
in the ages-old Batman/Superman rivalry if WB casts the 5’10” Rupert Evans, as
rumored, for the Kryptonian. And with Armie’s CW Network good looks, he won’t even have to rely on the mystery of the mask to get some play. Expect a lot of shots where Batman sits at his computer, surfing Facebook with his cowl down around his shoulders.

Remember, folks, this is rumor still. While we wait for confirmation, can someone dig up a birth certificate on this guy? I’ve got to know if Armie Hammer is a stage or birth name, or if this is one of those non-union actors they’ve been cloning in the labs over at Procter & Gamble.