who-gives-a-shit-harrison-fordWon’t be long till I’m running into Anchorman 2 all over the place as they begin their Atlanta shoot. The film is still locking down all of its cast though, as evidenced by today’s announcement that Harrison Ford will join the Apatow-produced, Adam McKay comedy, playing the role of an older, respected anchorperson. The Tom Brokaw-like role will hopefully bring out more than just the grumpy dickhead that he played in Morning Glory.

I’m already excited to see Ford turn it up a bit for 42, and if it turns out he’s still down to give interesting, dynamic performances then this casting will be even more exciting. Ford joins pretty much the full returning cast from the original film, as well as Kristin Wiig and who knows how many surprise cameos and walk-ons.


Source | THR