you live in Los Angeles and read CHUD regularly, this update shouldn’t be necessary. But just in case you’ve been busy lately and/or are a fucking idiot, here’s your friendly reminder that The Wright Stuff begins this Sunday!!! For two weeks this December (and if we’re lucky, maybe more), Edgar Wright is going to unspool a heapin’ helpin’ of his favorite movies at The New Beverly (where I saw the very incredible Redneck Miller as part of Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse Festival last April). Even better, he’s convinced/blackmailed some of the talent involved with those films to show up for introductions and ritual Crisco drenchings.

The roster of guests is still a work-in-progress, but here’s what Edgar’s got lined up thus far:

Dec 2nd – Bugsy Malone, Phantom Of The Paradise. Edgar & Paul Williams. Secret 3rd film at midnight. Vintage trailers.

Dec 5th – Flash Gordon, Danger Diabolik. Edgar, Timothy Dalton, Joe Dante, hopefully John Phillip Law. Vintage trailers.

Dec 7th – Last Boy Scout. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Edgar & Shane Black. Vintage trailers.

Dec 10th – An American Werewolf In London. Edgar & John Landis. Tremors. (Give us us Bacon & Ward!) Vintage trailers.

Dec 12th – Top Secret. Bananas. Just Edgar at the moment (David Zucker has had to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances). Hopefully something else equally special. Vintage trailers.

Dec 14th – Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls (TBC). Head. Edgar & Mickey Dolenz! Vintage trailers.

Dec 16th – Raising Arizona. Evil Dead 2. Edgar & hopefully some surprises. Secret third free midnight feature. Vintage trailers.

I know for a motherfucking fact that Devin, Andre Dellamorte and myself will be in attendance this Sunday. And if you live within ballooning distance of West Hollywood, you better be there, too. In the interest of being honest (and popular), I hear there could be some dangerous business in store for that third film. It’s $7.00 for three great movies. And Paul Williams! Chewers assemble!