Wayans Brothers are like the HPV of the movie world – they are with you for life, they come and go and tend to be more unsightly than dangerous.

Now that HPV is having a new outbreak, and it could be the ugliest one yet: Shawn Wayans tells* that he and his siblings are working on a movie version of The Munsters. Yes, the family of monsters from 1313 Mockingbird Lane. But fear not, ‘racially aware’ middle class white people who get up in arms about changing the ethnicity of lame fictional characters – Blackenstein will not be heading this family.

"Something I want to clear up is that we’re not going to be in it," Wayans told** "We’re just writing and producing it. We’re going to get some white people and paint them green."

The Munsters will be ‘contemporized’, which certainly means Eddie will be listening to hip hop. Maybe they can get Insane Clown Posse to redo the theme song.

Honestly, how can anyone get outraged about this? I have bad movie fatigue these days; my only question is whether I should see the movie to write a funny review or save myself the effort.


** really?