to capitalize on the enduring cult popularity of Mr. Nanny and the recent box office windfall generated by The Nanny Diaries, Samuel L. Jackson has agreed to star as a brat minder in The Man That Rocks the Cradle for New Line. I’m currently hitting up sources to clarify that this is not, in fact, the much-anticipated sequel to New Line’s last merry-making venture with Jackson, The Man.

The basic idea of Jackson playing a "kid whisperer from the South" named Marion Delacroix has its appeal, especially if New Line goes the R-rated route. Based on a story by Rob McKittrick and Josh Cagan (and written by Cagan), the film will center on Delacroix’s efforts to wrangle the troublesome four children of a workaholic single father. Variety doesn’t specify whether this is a white family or a black family, but I’m going to pretty much guarantee you that the quadrant-conscious New Line will push for a caucasian brood. If I’m wrong, then I’ll go without shaving for the rest of today (and I didn’t shave yesterday!!!).

Jackson’s Uppity Films (love that moniker) will produce the film, which has yet to sign a director. Not that there’s any rush: production won’t start until later in ’08, as Jackson will begin shooting Soul Men with Bernie Mac this January.