A lot of cinephiles had a collective facepalm moment when David Cage got up during the PS4 presentation and proceeded to compare where cinema was when The Great Train Robbery happened to where gaming is right now, but whether the guy was talking out of his ass or not, let it never be said he isn’t doing his part to push gaming where it actually needs to be to live up to his hype. Part of that is learning from Heavy Rain‘s mistakes, and he seems to have caught on that not having his big, ambitious interactive dramas play out with more refugees from Tommy Wiseau’s home planet helps, since apparently, Willem Dafoe is sharing top billing with Ellen Page for the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls.

Dafoe will be playing a researcher named Nathan Dawkins, who seems to be surrogate father to Page’s supernaturally gifted protagonist, Jodie. Sony revealed the actor’s involvement in a brand spanking new CVG-exclusive trailer for the game, and in a behind the scenes clip, showing both actors doing their thing in mocap suits, both of which are embedded below. So far, we’ve seen too little to say whether Cage has learned equally important lessons in scriptwriting, and not pressing X to JAY-SON. But it’s a start. And it’s definitely not another FPS, that’s for god damn sure. Shine on, Dave, you crazy diamond.

Sony also took the opportunity to announce the game’s release date as October 8th.

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