Thems.Zac Efron. Mr. Heartthrob. Mr. High School Musical. Mr. "Bet On It". Disney-preened and polished to a sheen impervious to even the most fiery darts of teen scandal: apparently, the kid’s girlfriend showed up all naked and exposed by way of leaked camera phone(?) stills, and if he didn’t do it, who did!? It’s the stuff burning questions are made of, but I’ll let "baby girl"* explain his teflon nature:

"vanessa needs to growup I Nmean my 16 year old friend has more scene than that and I cant see how she could do that to zac efron and he toke her back I would of slapped her died in her face and like i said what kind of girl breaks up with like the cutest boy in the world".

So there you have it– Efron didn’t leak the nudes and thanks to a million more "baby girls" the kid’s got a rabid and loyal fan base; which is exactly why he’s making the Hillary Duff/Amanda Bynes-like jump from TV stuffs to a sophomore** outing on the big screen ala the Big-like teen comedy 17. But that’s old news- the real story is "baby girl" might be a little sad if she wants to see what the cutest boy in the whole world is going to grow up to look like(no one’s young and cute forever, Sister!). The jovial and sharp-tongued Matthew Perry has been slated to play the grown up version of the Efron teen hawtness in the comedy.

As the plot goes, Perry plays a middle aged Dad who wakes up with less hair on his abdomen, more hair on his head and a libido that just won’t quit. That’s right– he’s 17 again! As one would expect a frumpy 40-something to do upon waking up young, he takes the opportunity to head back to high school to keep an eye on hang out with his high school aged kids. I bet it creates all kinds of crazy situations– especially when he finds out his son has a crush on him.

Ok, I made that last part up- but that WOULD be crazy.

The movie is being directed by Burr Steers, who’s proven himself pretty adept with directorial outings on the series Weeds, The L Word and Mormon-loathed Big Love. Why 17 is a feature film on his list of big screen attempts is a little mysterious, but maybe he can do something with the ultra-familiar concept.

I just hope it’s good enough to avoid the wrath of baby girl.

* Random teen talkback victim
**Efron was in the movie adaptation of the musical based on a movie- Hairspray.