We added Nashville for a screening! Folks in that town, please use the correct link below!

Ever heard heard of a filmmaker named Guillermo Del Toro?


Guillermo is a producer on this Spanish language film [I feel the need to mention this because I think it’s cruddy to not let audiences know they’ll be ‘reading’ the film], but it comes from the mind of J.A. Barona (director) and Sergio G. Sanchez (writer) and it’s apparently a complex, gothic, and memorable chill ride bouyed by classical scares rather than the junk that has overtaken stateside multiplexes.

Folks in Atlanta, you’re in for a treat as we have a chunk of passes for a sneak of this on the way. I’m looking forward to making a mini-event out of this and I’ll bring a ton of swag if I can swing it.

Want to come?

Using the link below and including your mailing address, recommend three foreign films you use to sell your non-cinephile friends on the fact that America is only one of many nations delivering celluloid brilliance on a steady basis.

NOTE: The Dukes of Hazzard is NOT a foreign film.