Back in June, Jeremy assumed that the script for Reposession Mambo was pretty alright; it had, after all, helped get Jude Law and Forest Whitaker on the line. But the film’s summer start date has come and gone, and now the project is staring down the barrel of 2009. Assuming it can see even an inch into it, that is. Crowded in there.

EDIT: Actually, Repo has already begun shooting — that’s what writing while plagued by fever will get you.

That’s bad news for director Miguel Sapochnik, who’s been trying to get a feature off the ground for at least six years now.

Good news, though, for those of us who love to Liev. Mr. Schreiber has been added to the cast of the organ-repo story. He’s Jude Law’s boss at a futuristic credit union that trades in harvested organs. Law and his ex-wife go on the run with their respective fleshy bits and debt sheets. Schreiber will probably grimace a few times, maybe a little bit more. It’s an organ-repo flick, yeah, but still probably too much to hope for that he’ll be some futuristic, suit and tie Mola Ram. But I can dream.

Oh, Jude Law’s ex? That’s Carice van Houten. I know. I’ll be watching, too.

But let’s get back to Liev; what we’re really waiting to see is Liev as young Stryker in Gavin Hood’s Wolverine. Two reasons for that. First, he should just be unforgettable as the God Loves, Man Kills televangelist turned Brian Cox-alike military figure. Second, and much more important, maybe Wolverine will bank enough that Schreiber will be able to ride on the paycheck long enough to direct again.