2_28_deanzieglerI won’t begrudge Anchorman fans celebrating their beloved film’s excellence, but I’ve been firmly entrenched over in the Step Brothers camp for years now. They’re two of Adam McKay’s funnier films but, to me, I  simply find Brothers funnier than Anchorman. And now this upcoming sequel has totally encroached on my hopes for a Step Brothers followup in the near future.

But maybe we can all get along, as it would appear Mr. John C. Reilly will reuniting with McKay and star Will Ferrel in Anchorman: The Legend Continues. Maybe. Bleeding Cool may have cracked the case when they eyed this casting call:

Do you look like John C. Reilly? We’re seeking a caucasian male, 6’2?, any age. THIS SHOOTS TOMORROW, FEB 28th. Please submit your stats and 3 photos to TeachMan2ATL@gmail.com with the subject line JOHNNY DOUBLE.

Anything that keeps Reilly in the spotlight is fine by this writer. He’s already well integrated into McKay’s group of regulars at this point, having starred in both Brothers and Talladega Nights. 

So let’s have some fun and speculate. Is Reilly’s presence here simply a winking cameo? Perhaps something more? What role would you like to see Reilly play in the Anchorman sequel?