Looking at this new US trailer for The Orphanage a second and third time, I’m happy to say that while there are at least half a dozen shots in there that give things away, no one is going to know what they are without having seen the film. (Except for you frame by framers. If you think you want to see this film, leave the CSI kit in the car.)

I can’t say my opinion has changed any about this film since I saw it back in September — I still think it’s overstuffed and a bit limp — but almost no one else agrees with that estimation, so there’s no way I’m going to try and warn anyone off the flick. Besides, it’s got one of the best ghost-seeking scenes since Poltergeist, and one that just happens to feature the great Geraldine Chaplin besides. That’s in this trailer a little bit, as is the effective and very creepy basic design for the film’s antagonist.

Just pretend you can’t hear the trailer narration, which is far more horrible than most. I don’t love this movie, but it’s nowhere near as bad as this voice-over makes it out to be.

See the new trailer at Yahoo by clicking here.