An unpopular opinion: it’s incredible what a few years removed of high expectations have done for Joe Kosinski’s Tron: Legacy. I keep catching snippets of it now that it’s on continuous rotation on FX. By no means a perfect film, in fact it’s downright problematic at times. But it also isn’t the dog people made it out to be when it was released.

We’re edging closer to Kosinski’s second feature, the Tom Cruise sci-fi vehicle Oblivion in theatres April 12th. I’m interested to see what Kosinski pulls off with a (hopefully) better script and more capable lead in Cruise. For now, we’ve got some nifty new posters to look at. I Am Legend with less buildings? Okay, then…



*Believe it or not, Garrett Hedlund’s time is coming. His performance in On the Road is a transformation, one of the best I saw last year.

Source: EW